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The Next Wave of Trading

That is what Forex trading is being called. The future is coming quickly upon us, very soon millions will on the Internet trading foreign currency. Forex trading is gaining momentum now, as the word goes out that is a SAFE market to trade in.

Why should I trade forex?
There are many reasons to invest the necessary time and focus in learning to trade forex: financial gains, of course, but also increased personal freedom and the ability to work how, where and when you choose. There is of-course a high risk of loss in forex trading, though with proper risk management such risks can be mitigated

World's largest market, moving trillions of dollars a day
Trade from home, the office, or virtually anywhere in the world
Enjoy 24-hour liquidity in just seconds under normal market conditions
Benefit from sustained price trends
Work part- or full-time
Analyze just a few currencies
Trade with a higher success rate in both up and down periods
Enjoy unlimited profit potential when you trade in the correct market direction
Enjoy the fact that we recommend ONLY regulated brokers
Use convenient margin / risk management tools
Forex opportunities are fair- this is the most level playing field of any market
Perfect market for technical analysis
Execute trades online, quickly and easily

Greater Buying Power
Many forex brokers offer up to 200:1 leverage, much higher than the standard 2:1 leverage granted by equity brokers.

You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day long to trade the Forex, although once you see the power of Forex trading you might want to. Our teaching methods will show you the correct entry and exit points. All you have to do is glance at the charts occasionally to see if correct entry point is approaching, and if it is then get in on the trade. We will even show you how to leave your computer and have your trade be closed automatically at the level that you wish.

24-hour Trading Activity
In the forex market, traders can respond to breaking news immediately, day and night. Since currencies are traded worldwide, 24 hours a day, they are not vulnerable to "after hours" reports and value loss.

Everything you need to trade in the Forex market will be provided to you. You will be able to participate in the Daily Chat room, listen and watch experienced traders in our Web Conferences that are broadcast live to your computer. You will be able to take a series of quizzes to check your knowledge from the Online course and the 1-on-1 training that you will receive.

Superior Liquidity
With almost $2 trillion in daily transactions, Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. The sheer volume of this market helps ensure price stability and the execution of orders are fair market prices.

The world is getting more complex, but getting smaller at the same time. The Internet has made information accessible to anyone on the planet. We urge you to educate yourself in the techniques of Forex trading, as it is already becoming the best way to increase your income from your own computer.

Five years from now, don't be the one that says, "Forex, I could have been in that."


Forex Trading Tips

Tip : TRADE WITH THE TREND. DO NOT trade against the hourly trend of the market unless you are VERY certain the market has turned. Check this by watching a long term moving average (say 80 SMA on 15 minute chart)

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